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Sporty Spice!

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note STATS:

Real Name:
Melanie Jayne Chisholm
She's Spice Girl
January 12th 1974
Birth Place:
Liverpool, England
Contact Address:

note A Little Bit About Sporty Spice
Height: 5'6'' (168 cm) Eye Color: Hazel Mis: When Mel was in school, her nickname was Holland. In the music video "Say You'll Be There" her nickname is Katrina Highkick ( baaaad pun really bad pun). Ever wonder what that band tatoo is? its a Celtic ( Kel-tic as in anicent culture not Sell- tic as in Boston Celtics) ring. Her fav color is red. Her fav music artists are Stevie Wonder, Maddona, & Blur.
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note About Her Fav Spice Girls Music Video

Her fav Spice Girls music video is "Say You'll Be There" It was film in the dessert. If you watch, they give each one a name. Her's is Katrina Highkick, like i said before. I think the video is kinda about "Spice Force Five". If you don't recoize "Spice Force Five" watch "Spice World"

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