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About    The    Name    boggart

Ok, first of all, its bog - gart with a short o, like in dog. I chose the name boggart because i have read two very good Susan Cooper books about a Old Thing called a boggart. Those books are call The Boggart and The Boggart And The Monster you should read them. I also liked the name boggart sounds. Now you can proudly proclaim " I know the story behind boggart's name."

My page has been hit by cars times. (your the car and you've just hit my page)

About    Me    (boggart)

Hi! Welcome to my page! My screen name is boggart ( as if you couldn't tell) but some of you know me as Amanda or LeiaPrincess. I'm a 12/f and i enjoy reading, using the computer, listening to music (Spice Girls, All Saints, Beastie Boys, that sort of thing) hanging out with my friends, & going to the mall. This is my 3rd web page, so its better than my others. Tripod is really easy to use. I'll add more later. SIGN MY GUESTBOOK AND I'LL SIGN YOURS!I get some my buttons, clocks, counters, games, ect. from Java Script Source ( others from Java City2000 (

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Peace, Love, & Bullet-Proof Marshmallows
my other site. (beware of strangeness)
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Purple Moon
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American Girl
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Hot Mail
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Page 2
Spice Girls Rule!
More Spice Girls!
this is the second half of "Spice Girls Rule!" Includes pix.
My Own Page Of Midis
my midis
My Fast Forward CDNow Link,
buy thru here and I get %'s from the monthly total sold thru my page.
My Photo Book
Pictures of me, and some other people

Listen to Music While You Look At My Page

Say You'll Be There: One of my fav Spice Girls songs. just the music, no words, cause this is a midi
Spice Up Your Life: other midi, like all the others are
Wannabe: Really, really cool song
Stop: How can you not like this song?
Who Do You Think You Are?: I love this song, but i like ALL the songs : o )
Viva Forever: Cool song.

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