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Welcome to my page of midis! You'll find songs by my fav artists, Spice Girls, All Saints, Brandy, & Monica for example EVERY MIDI IS SAFE TO DOWNLOAD AND EVERY LINK WORKS! Hurrah!


Spice Up Your Life: Spice Girls
Who Do You Think You Are?: Spice Girls
Wannabe: Spice Girls
Say You'll Be There: Spice Girls
Stop: Spice Girls
Viva Forever: Spice Girls
Don't Speak: No Doubt
Who Will Save Your Soul: Jewel
Somethin' Kinda Funny: Spice Girls
X Files Theme:
Everybody : Backstreet Boys
Adia: Sarah McLachlan
The Boy Is Mine: Brandy & Monica
Never Ever: All Saints
Waterfalls: TLC

Looking For CD?

Buy thru here, this is my link to CDNow, cause i'm signed up for their sponser thingy:

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