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Welcome    To:    Spice    Girls    Rule!

Hi! This page is about the Spice Girls. I will put in each section a diff. Spice. (i'm not doing Geri, cause she doesn't count anymore.) In the section you will find their full name, birthday, age, & a background on them. Enjoy the page! 10/3/98: Visit the second half of this page to see a pix of the fab 4.


Real Name: Melanie Jayne Chisholm Date Of Birth: January 12th, 1974 Place Of Birth: Liverpool, England Height: 5'6'' (168 cm) Eye Color: Hazel Mis: When Mel was in school, her nickname was Holland. In the music video "Say You'll Be There" her nickname is Katrina Highkick ( baaaad pun really bad pun). Mel is a Capricorn. Ever woner what that band tatoo is? its a Celtic ( Kel-tic not Sell- tic as in Boston Celtics) ring. Her fav color is red. Her fav music artists are Stevie Wonder, Maddona, & Blur.

Scary    Spice

Real Name: Melanie Janine Brown Date Of Birth: May 29th,1975 Place Of Birth: Yorkshire,UK Height: 5'5'' Eyes: Brown Miss: Is a Gemini, has her tounge pierced, won a beauty pagent at 18, & in music collage played the drums.

Baby    Spice

Real Name: Emma Lee Bunton Date Of Birth: January 21st, 1976 Place Of Birth: Finchely, UK Height: 5'2'' Eyes: Blue Miss: Wants to be able to eat 100 doughnuts in 10 mintues, and has appeared in the English TV show "The Bill". LOVES DOUGHNUTS! Is an Aquarius.

Posh    Spice

Real Name: Victoria Adams ( i don't think she has a middle name) Date Of Birth: April 7th, 1975 Place Of Birth: Hertfordshire, UK Height: 5'6" Eyes: Brown Miss:Victoria has been a dancer, and was in another band. Apparently she was also in a musical with Emma. Fav music artists are Toni Braxton, Sound of Blackness, and Anita Baker. Victoria doen't like being call Vicki.

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